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New product -remote jet air conditioning unit
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ALK central air conditioning accumulated years of professional experience in production, on the basis of the original cabinet air conditioning unit, to meet the user needs to develop the domestic advanced level of the air conditioning unit -- a serial of SFL remote jet. The unit has a cooling, heating, drying, humidification function at the same time, it can realize no duct directly over a long distance supply, save space, reduce the height of one-time investment are greatly reduced, low operation cost, at the same time supply within 60 ° Angle free unit, ensure the hot and cold wind to the specified location, create a comfortable air conditioning environment

ALK SFL series remote jet unit particularly applicable to the following situations: (1) large space, want to reduce the one-time investment, saving air conditioning operation cost of occasions; (2) the upper indoor space is not allowed to install network management or difficult to install network management situation; (3) under the hot air is difficult to send large Spaces. Such as: large supermarket, workshop workshop, stadiums, exhibition halls, etc.

ALK SFL series remote jet unit adopts spherical vents as air supply outlet, unlike ordinary condole type air conditioning unit, this kind of air conditioning unit is not connect duct, is mainly used for long distance air directly. To one building, when the distance air supply, air conditioning unit installation height, air supply temperature, indoor temperature, air output, after the confirmation of general need to choose the appropriate remote jet air conditioning, make the unit tuyere out of cold and hot fluid can meet the following requirements:

 1, hot and cold wind to the specified location;

 2, LengShe flow not halfway down, cause human body unwell;

 3, hot air can meet the requirements of air supply distance and location;

 4, terminal temperature difference, meet the design requirements.

ALK will need to provide the most suitable market air conditioning products and services to be less regret pursuit, with quality to win credibility, win the market by the good faith, will create happy tomorrow with the general customers and consumers!

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