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Ducted Packaged Rooftop Units Series instruction
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Qingdao ALK central air conditioning co., LTD. Production of WK series roof top air conditioning unit for a full air system, is a set of refrigeration, heating, air purification, and other functions in one of the large and medium-sized air-conditioning equipment. 

The type of roof machine series products integrated with straight of modular air conditioning and air cooling heat pump technology, realized the advantages of refrigeration and air conditioning comprehensive centralized control, with high efficiency and energy saving, simple system, characteristics of stable performance, perfect microcomputer control makes the air to get the best performance and quality control; Condensing section of the unit is made of high qualified steel plate split, big air volume air handling segments of each function USES the aluminum frame with high pressure foaming board structure, with mature technology, flexible design, functional period of diverse portfolio, installation is simple, easy to control, etc.
This series of air conditioning unit can be used for various environmental conditions of indoor air conditioning, cooling, dehumidification, heating, ventilation and other functions, wide range of temperature control, humidity control precision. This series of air conditioner is a scientific research, national defense, industry, agriculture, business services and other indispensable auxiliary equipment. Because of its compact structure, the whole machine placed on roof, ground and do not take up the characteristics of effective space in mechanical, chemical, electronic and other industrial sites have higher request for temperature and humidity, as well as department stores, supermarkets, conference room comfortable places has been widely used in air environment.
Product characteristics:
1, Saving investment, convenient installation
For all air system, can the machine installed on the roof or outdoor space, without machine room, to save space, save construction cost. No cooling and chilled water system, save the cooling tower, pumps, pipes and other ancillary equipment investment, reduces the project cost. User equipment installation, just connect a small amount of the line of control and power cable and send and return air duct unit can be put into operation, saving construction time and cost.
2, High efficiency, energy saving low consumption
Unit with refrigerant and direct heat transfer of direct expansion type high efficiency air circulation system, no chilled water system of indirect heat exchange of the intermediate links, reduce the loss, the entire air conditioning system energy utilization ratio increased by 10% ~ 15% chilled water air conditioning system. In addition, each unit has multiple energy adjustment, automatically adapt to users using lateral load change, increase or decrease the transition season unit can run full fresh air, energy conservation and low consumption, reduce the operation cost.
3, Quiet operation, and low noise
Flexible vortex compressor units with low noise closed and few movement part of screw compressor, equipped with large air volume low noise type straight league drive big twist Angle of axial flow fan, set other moving parts are taken complete isolation measures, to ensure smooth and reliable running, low noise, little vibration. Unit installed outdoor, indoor air conditioning system with no moving parts such as fan, so indoor air supply more quiet.
4, Green, air quality assurance
Unit of high efficiency air filter and the adjustable air unit, air treatment with multi-function, easy to implement air purification, heating, cooling, dehumidification, humidification, new air volume adjustment, etc. Direct expansion cycle system unique low evaporation temperature of the low dew point processing features, make sure that any period of the process parameters, quality assurance. Transition season full fresh air unit operation and dry water plate design to eliminate damp environment, supply more healthy, green.
5,Functional diversity, flexible layout
Units of air handling functions to absorb the current the most mature combined air conditioning technology, users can be combined according to the actual need to undertake a variety of functions of matching, and the combination of a dozen send and return air and the scene of the unit as a whole or fission installation etc, can satisfy the user's various environmental conditions, make the user's selection, design, installation convenient and flexible, free.
6, Stable quality, stable performance and reliable quality
Generator system main components in refrigerant system control components to the world famous brand, quality is stable and reliable performance. In addition, the receiver unit system set up to ensure that the expansion valve in any environment can fully refrigeration system for the liquid to ensure unit exert all performance.
7, Industrial control equipment, simple operation, powerful functions
Unit is using text display or touch screen man-machine interface, system has high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, can reliable operation under various working conditions. 

Highly automated control system, fuzzy control, advanced control technologies such as high control accuracy, good stability, users only need to install indoor man-machine interface to set the required temperature and humidity, press the start button, the control system can automatically adjust according to the measuring point temperature energy unit. Unit has multiple protection, when there is failure, the unit automatically stop and popup corresponding fault information in man-machine interface. In order to guarantee the safe operation of the unit, the control system with multiple password permissions to protect, prevent unauthorized personnel change parameter Settings, more safe and stable operation of generating unit.

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